Fantastic Four, Issue Fifteen

This was an eventful issue, leaving poor Ben Grimm in very dire straits, and Johny-Johny Storm in a position that many men, all better than I, would wrestle with themselves greatly to find the strength to flee. The time reading this book was well spent, though I do find myself starting to wonder if Dan Slott has some kind of grievance with Ben Grimm, Mr. Slott has tended to be a bit rough with The Thing, lately.… Read More Fantastic Four, Issue Fifteen

Guardians of The Galaxy, The Prodigal Sun, One-Shot

Writer Peter David Artist Francesco Manna Color Artist Espen Grundetjern Letterer VC’s Cory Petit Cover Artists Mico Suayan & Rain Beredo Variant Cover Artists Phlip Tan & Jay David Ramos Prodigal Sun Logo Design Salena Mahina I love a good one-shot comic book, a short and sweet story that you enjoy for a brief time,… Read More Guardians of The Galaxy, The Prodigal Sun, One-Shot