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Superman, Issue Sixteen

I had an incredibly good time with this book, the reunion of Damian, son of Batman, and Jon, son of Superman, was fun, filled with action, many jokes that made me laugh out loud, and imbued with the spirit of two brothers reuniting happily. I especially enjoyed Damian bringing some justice to “A Cluster of Goons.” Ha!… Read More Superman, Issue Sixteen

Fantastic Four, Issue Fifteen

This was an eventful issue, leaving poor Ben Grimm in very dire straits, and Johny-Johny Storm in a position that many men, all better than I, would wrestle with themselves greatly to find the strength to flee. The time reading this book was well spent, though I do find myself starting to wonder if Dan Slott has some kind of grievance with Ben Grimm, Mr. Slott has tended to be a bit rough with The Thing, lately.… Read More Fantastic Four, Issue Fifteen

Doctor Doom, Issue One

Reading this book, in the very beginning, I couldn’t be helped and had to laugh at Doctor Victor Von Doom’s casual arrogance on television, and then off air in Latveria Doom’s request for the Newsman Steve to be brought to him. Unlike that poor TV anchor I had a pleasant time with this comic book. … Read More Doctor Doom, Issue One

Harley Quinn, Issue Sixty-Six

Harley Quinn has had quite the tumultuous life of late, with plenty of good, and bad, to point to. The loss of her mother, attainment of abilities and power on an unparalleled scale, and a fancy tea party featuring two universal entities masquerading as little old ladies. This was a good read despite the sadness it brings into Harley’s, and mine, heart.… Read More Harley Quinn, Issue Sixty-Six

Triage, Issue Two

Script, Art, Colors & Cover Phillip Sevy Letters Frank Cvetkovic Variant Cover Jorge Corona Dark Horse Comics Beautiful women, interdimensional travel and sci fi themes, beautiful artwork with beautiful colorwork. This book targets all of my genre inclinations while at the same time actually being a good piece of work. One doesn’t usually get to… Read More Triage, Issue Two

Sonata, Issue Five

Story David Hine & Brian Haberlin Art Brian Haberlin Colors Geirrod Van Dyke Letters Francis Takenaga Image Comics Sonata is an interesting, fun, and good comic book, I’ve been enjoying it immensely since its initial release. This specific issue of the book was the best in regards to the series artwork, I found the illustrations… Read More Sonata, Issue Five

On Comic Books, Issue One

If you read more books than the average man, like I do, then I’m sure you’ve run into the problem of falling behind on your reading. It can happen to the best of us from time to time, like it has with myself recently.  I love to read comic books, I believe it may very… Read More On Comic Books, Issue One

Updates, Issue One

It’s time to explain my long absence from the site, and why this work, which I love, isn’t being done. I strive to post something at least every other day, and when things are going smoothly, daily. However, I do have a full-time job, a wife, and a daughter. Usually I’m able to jigger everything… Read More Updates, Issue One

Harley Quinn, Issue Sixty-Five

Writer Sam Humphries Artist Sami Basri Colorist Hi-Fi Letterer Dave Sharpe Cover Guillem March & Arif Prianto Variant Cover Frank Cho & Sabine Rich The dark turn in Harley’s life that I was fearing has unfortunately occurred, Harley Quinn’s mother has died.  I feel bad for her and a little mad at writer Sam Humphries… Read More Harley Quinn, Issue Sixty-Five

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