Doctor Strange, Issue Twenty

Script Mark Waid

Art Javier Pina

Colorist Brian Reber

Letterer VC’s Cory Petit

Cover Artist Jesus Saiz

Marvels 25th Anniversary Variant Cover Artist 

Alex Ross

Immortal Variant Cover Artist Peach Momoko

Designer Anthony Gambino 

Marvel Comics

New hands, and a new book!

With this issue bringing an end to Doctor Strange, and a beginning with Doctor Strange: Surgeon Supreme, those who read too many books will be faced with the all too familiar, of late, problem of how to organize and store a, we’ll call it new, series, correctly and efficiently. This is a good problem to have.

Mark Waid, the writer, has displayed his willingness to put some sweat into his ink, and like much of his previous work, this book is a product of industriousness and thought. This issue was a good time, and wrapped things up nicely for the end of this story arc, with the last page setting things up nicely for the next arc. Also, Stephen Strange’s solution to defeating the Ancient One A.I. was both tricky, and brilliant, I loved that. I’m inclined to post the panel of that, but I don’t want to spoil it, Mr. Waid was very tricky with that, indeed.

The artist, Javier Pina, did a very fine job as well, with strong and modern looking comic book linework and creative environments and creatures. I love seeing an artist create new things, and Mr. Pina provided that enjoyment for me. Often, while reading, I’ll stop and show my wife the things that an artist has dreamed up, unfortunately, she seems to not get a thrill with quite the same power from such things as I do.

Writer Mark Waid
Artist Javier Pina
Colorist Brian Reber

This issues colorwork was robust and held up well to what Mr. Pina threw at it. Colorist Brian Reber made good decisions with his choice of colors, making many panels his own. I favored what Mr. Reber did with Stephen’s fight against the Ancient One A.I. especially.

Writer Mark Waid
Artist Javier Pina
Colorist Brian Reber

The cover for this month is both pleasing to look at and a fitting hint at what lies inside, I’m glad to see Jesus Saiz still with the book.

I wish this book wasn’t ending, but at least there is the solace that, in fact, it really isn’t.

Use your newly healed hands to grasp a copy of this book and…

Read It!

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