Harley Quinn, Issue Sixty-Six

Writer Sam Humphries 

Artist Sami Basri

Colorist Hi-Fi

Letterer Dave Sharpe

Cover Guillem March & Arif Prianto

Variant Cover Frank Cho & Sabine Rich

DC Comics

R.I.P Harley’s Mom!

Harley Quinn has had quite the tumultuous life of late, with plenty of good, and bad, to point to. The loss of her mother, attainment of abilities and power on an unparalleled scale, and a fancy tea party featuring two universal entities masquerading as little old ladies. This was a good read despite the sadness it brings into Harley’s, and mine, heart.

Writer Sam Humphries
Artist Sami Basri
Colorist Hi-Fi

The writer of this book, Sam Humphries, is doing excellent work with his run. I look forward to reading this every month and it keeps being great. Though I do need to admit to the fact that I’m looking forward to Harley moving on from her mother’s loss so that the book can go back to being a little more upbeat.

Sami Basri, our artist, draws Harley fantastically, she looks outstanding when summoned from Mr. Basri’s soul and put down on these pages. Open the book to page two and you’ll see a superior example of what I speak. Ms. Harleen Quinzel, Angel of Retribution, is majestic.

Writer Sam Humphries
Artist Sami Basri
Colorist Hi-Fi

When swathed in the colorwork of Hi-Fi, the two page spread showcasing Angel of Retribution Harley displays the best of what each artist is capable of. The art laid down by Sami Basri is top notch stuff, but it would be bare and unfinished without Hi-Fi, who I can’t get enough of in this book. The way he colors Harley, and everything, is pristine.

Writer Sam Humphries
Artist Sami Basri
Colorist Hi-Fi

Artists Guillem March and Arif Prianto did a very fine job with their cover this month, I love the coloring and Harley’s facial expression especially.

I’m ready to see Harley get to work and do something about all the crossover events interrupting her life in next months issue.

When you turn your back on the power of the universe you’ll have the time for comics, have this book ready so you can…

Read It!

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