Triage, Issue Two

Script, Art, Colors & Cover Phillip Sevy

Letters Frank Cvetkovic

Variant Cover Jorge Corona

Dark Horse Comics

Beautiful women, interdimensional travel and sci fi themes, beautiful artwork with beautiful colorwork. This book targets all of my genre inclinations while at the same time actually being a good piece of work. One doesn’t usually get to have so many itches scratched at once, but with the help of series creator and comic book handiman, Phillip Sevy, I’m discovering the pleasures of having many comic book itchy spots scratched at once by someone with talent and skill.

The story, dreamed up and made real by Mr. Sevy, and delivered to us through the wonder that is the mass printing of perfect little magazines, continues to develop and be a good time. I’m enjoying where the book is taking us and the little jokes here and there. A favorite from the book involved the implications, or lack thereof, of physical interactions between the different versions of Evie and her girlfriend, I was genuinely laughing out loud.

Artist Phillip Sevy

The art in the book is strong looking and very creative. In the many panels comprised of action only, with no word bubbles, I found that my eye had no trouble being led sequentially through the events illustrated therein. Not only was the artwork itself strong, the jawlines of the many characters were strong and wouldn’t look out of place on a Greek statue, I loved that.

Artist Phillip Sevy

Of the books artwork, I especially liked the colorwork in the flashback scene between Evie and her girlfriend, Tab, the broad use of light lavender with purples was quite eye catching, and pleasing, much like the scent of lavender itself.

Artist Phillip Sevy

I hope that in the next issue things aren’t as dire as they seem at the end of this one for Tabs continued presence in the book.

I think it would be foolish to let your loved one fight an interdimensional beast, instead, you should hand them this book so they can…

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