Sonata, Issue Five

Story David Hine & Brian Haberlin

Art Brian Haberlin

Colors Geirrod Van Dyke

Letters Francis Takenaga

Image Comics

Join Team Treen.

Sonata is an interesting, fun, and good comic book, I’ve been enjoying it immensely since its initial release. This specific issue of the book was the best in regards to the series artwork, I found the illustrations and colorwork most satisfying. The writing and story were in keeping with past performance, fun and leaving me wanting more. If you’re not reading Sonata, you should correct that mistake, as soon as possible.

The writers, David Hine and Brian Haberlin, are certainly moving things forward on this incredible, habitable, little moon they’ve dreamed up for us, and much like the character Treen, I find myself with many questions at this issues conclusion. Like, for instance, how advanced are the Lumani, and what is their game? Luckily there are more books forthcoming and we’ll be able to read them. What an age we live in!

The art of the book, drawn and imagined by Brian Haberlin, was the best of the series thus far, I thought it was sharp and distinct looking with no distractions like would sometimes happen in issues past. The far future mixed with steampunk look of the book finally settled into my soul and allowed me to enjoy it fully. The very last page, a full page panel showing a very stern and elegantly aged woman in Victorian looking space armor, is the best place to look and understand what I mean.

Artist Brian Haberlin
Colorist Geirrod Van Dyke

The colors, and the colorwork itself, meshed perfectly with Mr. Haberlin’s undertakings, the colorist, Geirrod Van Dyke, did a fantastic job and added much to the art, enhancing and finishing what was there before him. Mr. Van Dyke’s color choices, particularly in regards to the panels showing Treen having troubled thoughts, were perfectly fitting. I also liked the full page showing the Sleeping Giants reverting to their comatose state on page Twenty-One.

Artist Brian Haberlin
Colorist Geirrod Van Dyke

The cover this month was very nice and seemed to sum up Sonata’s personality in that one facial expression. She’s a pretty girl and she suits the cover of a book this good.

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping to learn more about the Lumani next issue, and why Pau’s mother has suddenly crossed the interplanetary void separating her world from Perdita.

After a long day of avoiding death meted out by giant creatures who’d prefer to be asleep, curl up with this book and…

Read It!

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