On Comic Books, Issue One

If you read more books than the average man, like I do, then I’m sure you’ve run into the problem of falling behind on your reading. It can happen to the best of us from time to time, like it has with myself recently. 

I love to read comic books, I believe it may very well be one of the best things in life, besides the things that are more important, obviously. But even I am forced to admit that coming back to an actual tower of comic books can feel like something almost verging on work, which is to be dreaded in my few hours of free time, which I spend reading brightly colored, and little, picture books.

To overcome this, all one must do is realize that there are much worse problems to have, and having an abundance of art and words to enjoy is least among them, and I would dare say, not an actual problem.

It’s an opportunity to read a few books, back to back, without having to wait the two to four weeks between issues. It’s also an opportunity when time is available, to sit down for long reading sessions, keeping google handy for when the inevitable questions arise about past events, other characters, or story lines.

Don’t think of catching up as some big thing to be accomplished simply for the doing, use some of my thoughts on it, or come up with your own motivations, do anything that will keep you reading and enjoying these worlds and characters we all love so much.

After you’ve read this, sometime before dinner, grab that trade paperback you bought three months ago and…

Read It!

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