Strange Skies Over East Berlin, Issue One, of Four

Writer Jeff Loveness

Illustrator Lisandro Estherren

Colorist Patricio Delpeche

Letterer Steve Wands

Cover Evan Cagle

Unlocked Retailer Variant Cover Tonci Zonjic

A Stasi guy goes after a UFO, it’s a good time!

This was a fun journey back to the Cold War. I’m a man that likes reading history, sci fi, spies being spies, and I love UFO lore, this book has all of that, and for that I am thankful. To show my thanks I’ll be reading the rest of this series, and will then proceed to shout out into the loud noisy room that is the internet, to say what I think about the book. Which is something I wouldn’t have been able to do if I was trapped behind the Berlin Wall in 1973.

Jeff Loveness, the writer of this book, has accomplished something that myself, or many reading this right now, will never do, which is put out a solid first issue about a Stasi Agent investigating a crashed UFO, or so I think, and make it feel believable. I’m aware of what a silly statement that is, but it’s true. Mr. Loveness must have done a lot of reading, or spoken to people who had lived and grown up inside the Soviet Union, for he has shown the complete lack of faith in the system, and the people who ran it, supremely. 

The pencilwork in the book, drawn by Lisandro Estherren, is well executed and clearly the work of a professional who has spent many hours honing his skills and not taking talent for granted. His pencils fit the mood and tone of the story, but I do have to admit that his is a style, in this specific book, that I do not especially favor. His work is well done, and light years beyond anything I could ever hope to pull off, let there be no misconceptions about my respect for his craft. Art is subjective and we’re all entitled to our opinions, and that is mine. 

All that being said, my favorite of his illustrations was on the seventh and eighth pages, a full two page spread of the UFO, or whatever it was, streaking by, and over, the Berlin Wall, beautiful! The way the main character shielded his eyes as he watched the luminous object slash through the sky dripped with the feeling of, “what IS that?!” and gave the panel even more weight.

I enjoyed the colorwork in this issue, very much so, especially in the many scenes taking place in the night, or in dark enviroments. Colorist Patricio Delpeche made heavy use of chunky looking purples, with blues and pinks in the wings to lend their support. Turn to the fourth to the last page and you’ll see the best example of what I’m talking about as an unnamed Soviet soldier dies from his exposure to the UFO, that was a panel that could stick with you for a bit.

This was a strong opener to a limited run, I’m excited to see what happens and I hope the book stays as strong as this first issue. That shouldn’t be a problem with Mr. Loveness writing it, I expect, he’s always a good read.

When you’re interrogating a possible enemy of the State who won’t stop telling you lies, perhaps you could throw him off of his game by giving him this book so he can…

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