Sea of Stars, Issue Four, of Five

Writer Jason Aaron & Dennis Hallum

Artist Stephen Green

Colorist Rico Renzi

Letters & Design Jared K. Fletcher

Look at that cover!

What a book! In this latest issue of Sea of Stars we got some answers about the Zzazsteks, mysterious and scary space dwelling aliens who wear fascinating helmets, and the sole Zzazstek who confronted young Kadyn at the end of the previous issue. We learned that the aforementioned Zzazstek is a female, and that she’s not to be trusted. We also learned that Kadyn’s father, Gil, is definitely a space trucker who you don’t want to be stuck with when you’re both trapped in a forest on a gorgeous looking space moon while he’s mad. You may find it an unpleasant experience. My experience of this book? Most pleasant.

Writers Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum delivered another fun book in this very fun series, I’m sad that this series is ending after the next issue, fortunately for all of us, all one need do is glance at the back catalogue of each writer and rest assured they’ll be writing more great stories, take heart, I am.

The most impactful part of the story in this issue, to me, came right at the very end of the book. Gil had been fighting and killing Zzazsteks, quite successfully, all while having the physical position of his son’s location beacon displayed on his space helmets HUD. He needed to see that his son was still alive so as to have the motivation to succeed, live, and get to Kadyn. While reading this I couldn’t help but empathize with Gil’s reasoning and was even thinking about how much sense that could make to a father fighting for his life to reach his child. Then Kadyn’s beacon disappears, along with Gil’s reason to live and fight. As the book ended I couldn’t help but put myself in Gil’s shoes and think about something so horrible happening in my own life. Mr. Aaron and Mr. Hallum, like all good writers, had me completely wrapped up in their story.

Stephen Green, our penciler, won’t stop drawing and creating completely original, and good looking, people, places and things. I love what this man has been doing with this book. Again, I’m looking forward to the next issue and his work, but that’ll mean this book is over, and I’ve looked forward to what Mr. Green has done in each new issue these past months. 

Of Mr. Green’s work in this issue I favored the first two pages the most, and the second panel on the first page especially. I overly enjoyed seeing the home of the Zzasteks, floating space rocks with tiny environments and fun looking structures atop them, all orbiting with and around each other.

The colorwork in the book was as good as it’s been for the entirety of the series. Colorist Ricco Renzi is very consistent with the quality of his work, and displays a real skill at knowing the right color and shade to make the pencilwork beneath become what it was meant to be. I love colorists and what they do for a book, Mr. Renzi, it would seem, is one who refuses to let me down. Look to page six, the second panel taking up three delicious quarters of a page, and you’ll understand what I mean, that illustration would have looked great clad in another artists colors, but I don’t think it would have had as much visual punch as what Mr. Renzi accomplished. 

It’s a good time to be alive as a comic book reader, this book is a good example of that, I’ll be feeling a bit somber when it ends. Thankfully the members of this team, and others, will make more good books.

Sometimes sucking oxygen through a carnivorous space vine while fighting for your life can take the wind out of you, sit back with this book to catch your breath and…

Read It!

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