Space Bandits, Issue Four, of Five

Writer Mark Millar

Artist Matteo Scalera

Colors Marcelo Maiolo

Letterer Clem Robins

Incredibly creative art with outstanding colorwork underneath a great story.

Words, pencils, and colors, all of them where one hundred percent perfection in this issue of Space Bandits, I don’t know if I could have had a better time reading this book. Maybe if there had been very devious and original sex acts thrown into the middle of the book like in the last issue, fortunately for me, Mark Millar must know it’s better to leave people wanting more at the end, for I’d have surely needed to lie down and rest an already over taxed heart.

The writing, story, and dialogue, as one would expect from Mr. Millar, in this book were great. Mark Millar has the ability to make incredible events and speech in a book seem believable, even credible. He’ll build the story in such a way that when you read his work one will find oneself totally wrapped up in the story, and once you’ve returned to reality, you can’t help but wonder at how a man can always be that good. 

Good evidence of this can be found in the entire middle to end of the issue when Thena and Cody discover that it won’t be as easy to kill Bowser Weex as they thought it would be, only to have that particular problem dealt with for them, and gladly so, by a “Telepathist” who works on the sex ship “The Rob and Charlie,” due to Bowser being incredibly hard on the staff. This was a turn in the plot that I should have seen coming, and once it happened I thought back and realized there had been clues to this happening, but that possibility never crossed my mind because I was letting Mr. Millar do the thinking for me, something all great authors are able to accomplish, seemingly at will. I’ve said this before in other things I’ve written, people have different tastes and react to art differently, but you can not honestly say that this is not good work, even if you don’t like it, for this is good work.

Artist Matteo Scalera and colorist Marcelo Maiolo are talents on a level with Mark Millar, this was such a pretty book to look at, from Mr. Scalera’s crazy creations and environments, to Mr. Maiolo’s outstanding color choices and how he chose to field them, every page is filled with artistic splendor and great style. Of the many outstanding panels to choose from, my favorite by Matteo Scalera has to the one showing the eight Nibiruan White Lizards hanging out in their nature reserve, with Cosmo the lizard looking quite regal perched on a piece of stone. The full page panel showing the alien guy with the murder fetish finally getting to experience his sick fascination was my favorite panel by Marcelo Maiolo, by far. Mr. Maiolo made that page have real energy and movement. I’ve had the book open to this page for most of this writing session, and it keeps having the same effect on me, wow!

I had no idea that eyes could even come close to experiencing hunger, mine surely must have this ability, because after seeing such wonderful and imaginative artwork as what was offered up to them, I’ve found that my eyes have a feeling that is new, something very much like the satisfaction in the stomach after a good meal. I hope they don’t get used to this level of satisfaction, not many books look this good.

The last issue of Space Bandits is coming soon and I’m eager to see how Mr. Millar wraps this up, but I do have to admit that I’ll be feeling a little sad when it’s done. Luckily there are many great minds out there thinking up new great things for us.

After you’ve paid for your stay on The Rob and Charlie, but before you’re so exhausted that you can’t see, take out this book and…

Read It!


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