Tony Stark: Iron Man, Issue Sixteen

Writers Dan Slott and Jim Zub

Artist Valerio Schiti

Color Artist Edgar Delgado

Letterer Vc’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Alexander Lozano

Variant Covers Nick Bradshaw & Morry Hollowell; Mike Deodato Jr. & Rain Beredo

Big budget action in a floppy little book.

Wow! This book felt and read like a big crossover event, with plenty of action, big moments and call backs to storylines years ago, I had an extremely good time reading this work. The book had such quantity of quality that I had to take an unusual amount of time to take it all in, that time was well spent and I appreciate all of the strenuous mental activity that it must have required to accomplish something as good as this issue was.

Authors Dan Slott and Jim Zub have a lot going on with the story, it felt much like this book was a movie that had somehow been made still, then stretched out onto paper and I was watching it conveyed through superior sequential art. Much of what I enjoyed the most in this opener to the new story line, however, had little to do with the big fights and plot twists in the book, my favorite scenes were the ones that took place in The Uncanny Valley, a secret robot bar. The dialogue, banter, and conversations, as well as the brawl that eventually breaks out between those robots paying for the services of the bar, was uncommonly delightsome.

The art in this book is completely in-step with the writing, as well as clear and clean looking, with much activity and little details throughout. Artist Valerio Schiti did quality work in his capacity and I welcomed each new page and panel. Like many great artists he not only illustrated lush environments, he drew many little details and actions into and throughout the art that weren’t needed and probably only added to the job, but the work is better for him having chosen the harder path. Again, I return to the Uncanny Valley robot bar scene, there was an incredible amount of detail in the art with much to see and admire.

The colorist, Edgar Delgado, did lovely work and added much to an already fine structure, making some panels his own, I felt. As good colorists are wont to accomplish, Mr. Delgado finished and enriched what was there before him, completing the art and making it whole. Once more, I must point to the robot bar scene, Mr. Delgado shined there, as did his teammates, I must admit that I overly enjoyed that part of the book.

After seeing the shape that poor Tony Stark is left in at the end of this book I’m keen for the next and I’ll be hoping that things aren’t as bad as they seem for Tony at the moment.

After you’ve merged with the machine and have infinite memory, and intellectual capacity, download this book and countless others into your soul so you can…

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