The White Trees: A Blacksand Tale, Issue One, of Two

Script Chip Zdarsky

Line Art Kris Anka

Color Art Matt Wilson

Letter Art Aditya Bidikar

Proofreading Allison O’Toole

Production Artist Shanna Matuszak

Everyone has a good time in this book.

First page, first panel, I knew this was going to be a good book. No, actually as soon as I opened the cover and saw the originally designed and creative world map I knew this was going to be a good book. When I arrived to the first page of the story and saw the first panel with a wonderfully original and beautiful flower, resplendent beneath pastel colorwork with watercolor vibes I knew this was going to be fantastic, in both prime meanings of the word.

I’d never heard of Blacksand before reading this book, and I think that may have been a major mistake in my reading game for I thoroughly enjoyed this story of a long out-of-touch trio of aged warriors on a quest to recover their kidnapped children. Writer Chip Zdarsky is always a good time and this was a book that he surely must have been in the throes of inspiration while chipping away at the marble that encased this story. 

Mr. Zdarsky’s passion for this book, I’m assuming, must have been so great that it directed itself into the story in the most carnal and, frankly, shocking scenes I’ve ever seen in a comic book. The last four pages before the final two featured the most graphic sex scenes I can recall in any form of media I’ve had the pleasure of viewing, sans pornography. And I loved it! It’s nice when a company, a writer, and a book, acknowledge the truth about who buys and reads comic books, namely adults, and treats us with respect and a lack of holding back that we deserve. Good job Image Comics, and good job Mr. Zdarsky. 

This is a very fun and good story, there’s more to it than an orgy comprised of ethereal, elf-like beings, though I wasn’t exactly holding that against it. Honestly, while reading that I kept thinking to myself how little Image Comics and Chip Zdarsky must care about what people would inevitably say about them, they both must have an abundance of bravery.

The art is this book is great. Artist Kris Anka always puts out world class art and this was no different. When I saw the first panel featuring a beautiful and totally original flower I had a good feeling, those feelings only continued as I worked my way through the story. Every page had something incredibly creative and new. Mr. Anka, I’m guessing, must have one of those minds that sees what we all see, but can imagine it being different, or it sparks that special something that all of the best artists seem to have, spontaneous and original objects, creatures, people and places. His character designs were very good and original, as were most of the weapons, and landscapes. I especially loved the strange deer with glowing, crystal-like antlers and one of the main characters, Sir Dahvlan The Swift. The orgy scene was extremely well done, creative, and makes one wonder how to become good friends with Mr. Anka so as to take part in what must be, one hopes, an active and…interesting, personal life.

I adored colorist Matt Wilson’s contribution to the art. The colors themselves meshed seamlessly with the linework. I especially liked the color palette, semi-bright pastels looking very much like watercolors and plenty of pinks and lavenders, and of course, what I can’t seem to get enough of these past few months, purples. The entirety of the first page is the best example of what I liked about Mr. Wilson’s work, simply beautiful colorwork there.

This was a good first issue, one of the strongest I’ve read, I believe. I don’t know how the minds behind this book can top it, but I’m excited for them to try.

While recovering from a wild night with amorous elves, give your tired body a break from it’s labors with this book and…

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