Batman, Issue Seventy-Eight

Writer Tom King

Artist Clay Mann

Colorist Tomeu Morey

Letterer Clayton Cowles

Cover Tony S. Daniel & Morey

Variant Cover Mann & Morey

The art inside is just as great as this cover.

Sometimes a Cat and Bat need a break from the world and some cool beverages in their hands, all while looking fantastic, lounging on a sun warmed beach. Batman’s mustache was some next level stuff, and Selina’s bikini made her even more beautiful than she already is. I doubt we’ll be seeing anymore of that outstanding cop-stache on Batman in forthcoming issues, but if we did I’d be very happy.

This issue has some pretty heavy relationship building and work between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, it almost felt like watching a soap opera played by spies. I’ve been forced to admit previously how much I’m into the intimate moments between Catwoman and Batman, and I’m glad I did, because this issue had plenty of that, and I loved it. Writer Tom King made an ostensibly slow issue engrossing, and I felt like this issue was a big turning point, possibly, between the Bat and Cat. 

We have a new artist on the book for this issue, and the next, Mr. Clay Mann had some big shoes to fill with this book. He did such a great job that some poor cobbler will have to repair and restore the shoes he was filling, due to the fact of said shoes having blowing apart from, and off of, Mr. Mann’s feet.

The pencilwork in this book is beautiful, every page is gorgeous, and I found myself taking my time and leisurely enjoying the art before turning a page or moving onto another panel. I’ve had a hard time deciding what’s my favorite piece of Clay Mann’s work in  this book. I’m torn between two panels, both happily, and coincidentally, feature Catwoman with her back facing towards us, the readers. One is a half page panel with Catwoman and Batman facing-off on a beautiful beach as the sun sets, Selina demanding that Bruce throw a batarang at her with all his strength. The other piece is of Catwoman walking away from a bar in a black bikini, looking stunning as she does, with the bartender and Bruce left agog at her femininity and attractiveness. 

As were the pencils, so are the colors, fantastic. Colorist Tomeu Morey made the books pencils stand up and live. From his palette choices and how he used color to set the tone and mood of a scene, to adding more to the art and making it simply pop, Mr. Morey did another fine job on this book. I’m starting to be a big fan of him in general and I’m looking forward to the next book so I can wet my eyes further.

Tom King is doing a great job. Batman is one of my most anticipated releases every month, as it surely must be for most people that read comics. I don’t understand why we don’t hear about this book out in the wider world of media, it is that good.

After you’ve recovered from the thrilling sight of your most beautiful lover walking languidly away from you, take this book out and…

Read It!


It’ll be more fun than a cold shower.

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