Guardians of The Galaxy, Issue Nine

Script Donny Cates

Penciler Cory Smith

Inker Victor Olazaba

Colorist David Curiel

Letterer VC’s Cory Petit

Story, pencils, inks and colors, all fun.

“Drax?” Is what Peter and myself both said as we saw the big reveal at the end of this book, I didn’t see that coming, nor had I even put much thought into who The Universal Church of Truth was resurrecting in their efforts to kill Death himself. I’ve been having such a good time with the Guardians under Donny Cates’ direction that I can honestly say I’ve been letting Mr. Cates do the thinking for me. 

Writer Donny Cates has not only been doing a splendid job of writing the Guardians and weaving an interesting story, he’s keeping things funny even as he puts poor Rocket through an incredibly difficult time. I like my Guardians like I like my women, serious, but funny, and resolute in the face of extraterrestrial fanatics hellbent on destroying everything that’s good in this world. 

An example of the fun that Mr. Cates had in the writing of this book, I’m sure, was the first panel directly after, “The Amazing Mary Jane #1,” advertisement. It reads, and depicts, Cathedral, the Flagship Temple-Destroyer of The Universal Church of Truth, as it makes way towards Earth. Directly underneath the caption containing the descriptors I just wrote are the words, “Edging closer by the second to you and those you love.” Ha! Love it!  Mr. Cates has managed to sprinkle in funny moments like that throughout this book, and his whole run so far.

The artists on the book refuse to be less than superlative in what they produce, it would seem. Penciler Cory Smith has to have nothing but love in his heart for Cosmo, the USSR space dog or, perhaps, I love Cosmo so much I’m projecting. That being said, every time Cosmo is the primary character in a panel he exudes a real presence to me, like the paper is somehow heavier in my hands.  The final page appearance of Drax was very good as well, Mr. Smith and Inker Victor Olazaba did yeoman’s work with that, and I thank them.

My love of pinks and purples in the colorwork of any book, this outstanding issue being no exception to this recent fixation, was further encouraged and satisfied by Colorist David Curiel. The best use of my most recent favorite colors by Mr. Curiel was the panel showing a now converted Star-Lord exiting the hallucination/indoctrination depicting The Universal Church of Truth’s version of the End Times. I also really favored the full page piece with Death standing upon a rocky outcrop overlooking a turbulent, and frothing, red sea. 

Artist Cory Smith put in so much pencilwork in this issue that his wrists and eyes must have been tired, thus requiring the help of an inker, for in this issue we have some very fine inkwork provided by Victor Olazaba. Inkers tend to get short shrift, I feel, when talking about a books art, and I have to admit that I’m just as guilty as anyone. Mr. Olazaba stood out, I felt, in this issue and he deserves praise for the accurate and lethal deployment of his pens. Mr. Olazaba did incredible work on J’son’s, Star-Lords father, face. He added, somehow, even more gravitas to J’son.

This book is a lot of fun, so much fun that I know you’re already reading it, help everyone out and let your friends know about it. If not for me, then do it for Rocket.

Instead of trying to destroy a foundational element of the universe and life, buy this book and…

Read It!

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