Silver Surfer: Black, Issue Four, of Five

Story/Script Donny Cates & Tradd Moore

Story/Art Tradd Moore

Colorist Dave Stewart

Letterer VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover Artists Tradd Moore & Felipe Sobreiro 

Variant Cover Artists Peach Momoko; Ron Lim & Mike Spicer

There are more colors in space than you’d think.

Books like this make me happy to be alive right now, and give one the perfect excuse to be a voracious reader of them. Donny Cates and Tradd Moore, together, are expanding and making greater the lore of the Silver Surfer, and I’m sad that we’ll only get one more issue of this fun and very colortastic book.

This story has been very fun and interesting, I’m enjoying all of the time travel, universal scale consequences and the revelation of a man named Galan who escaped to our reality from a dying one, only to become Galactus. The authors are doing a great job and this is one of the many limited series that are, sadly, set to end soon.

Good gracious! The art is this book is fantastic! If I was forced to try and describe it I would have to say that it looks like Mike Allred and Marco Rudy had an art-baby. Both of the artists on the team are world class talent, and both of their labors coming together is something that is detailed, different, bright and colorful. I can’t take my eyes off of the page that’s been open as I write this article, it’s directly after the “Marvel Young Guns” promo, I wish I knew how to take a good photo from a comic book so I could share it.

Tradd Moore’s layouts and pencilwork have been consistently spectacular throughout this whole series, and I felt like he might have stepped up even more in this issue. I especially liked his depictions of Uatu, The Watcher, and all of the panels of Norrin Radd traveling through space with Galan’s box in-tow.

Often I favor the work of the colorists in a book and this was no exception to that tendency. Colorist Dave Stewart is making this book absolutely bang visually and I can’t get enough of what he’s doing. From his color choices and how he uses them, to how he adds even more on top of what Tradd Moore laid down for him, Mr. Stewart is pumping the lifeblood that powers the life of these illustrations.

In about the middle of the book there are two, two page spreads, back to back, I think these both are, particularly, my favorite examples of what Mr. Stewart is doing for this book. The second of the two, populated by wonderful art abstractly showing Norrin Radd traveling into and within the box with Galan, the pre-Galactus man, could easily be called a showstopper.

I’m excited to see how this series ends, and I look forward to next issues art, but I have to admit that I’m sad it’s almost over. 

Traveling the spaceways can be a long and arduous journey, make sure to bring this book to distract you on your travels. While on a well deserved break you can…

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