The Superior Spider-Man, Issue Eleven

Writer Christos Gage

Penciler Mike Hawthorne

Inker Wade von Grawbadger

Colorist Jordie Bellaire

Letterer VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover Artists Mike Hawthorne & Morry Hollowell

Don’t do it Otto!

Things in Otto Octavius’ life continues to spin out of control, and he may have made an actual deal with the actual devil. Writer Christos Gage keeps raising my admiration for his ability to craft interesting and fun stories while at the same time rehabilitating even further this super villain turned superhero.

This was an emotionally taxing book for poor Otto, who seems to be outwitted at every turn by Spider-Norman Osborn. I’m enjoying greatly this book and Mr. Gage’s handling of it, but with the recent cliffhanger in this issue I fear that this outstanding book may be ending and Otto returning to his old ways. I’m hoping that Mr. Gage is engaging in some good ‘ole comic-bookery and that Superior Spider-Man continues to be a great book with the hero that I’ve come to love.

The pencilwork in this book is splendid and I find myself liking more and more what artist Mike Hawthorne is creating for us. All of the panels of Otto and Anna Marconi speaking with Mephisto were visually rich and expertly executed, especially, I really enjoyed those. The full page illustration of Mephisto appearing before Otto and Anna in particular was very fine.

My favorite colorist, the Goddess of colors herself, Ms. Jordie Bellaire shined brightly in this book. Her heavy use of reds throughout the issue perfectly set the tone and mood throughout the illustrations and events in it. I felt Ms. Bellaire’s work highlighted and amplified the sincerity and earnest desire for Otto to do the right thing as expressed by Anna Marconi during the conversation between Octavius and Mephisto.

This is a fun book that has exceeded my expectations each time and I’m partly eager and nervous to see what happens next time.

After you’re done arrogantly belittling people while glorifying yourself in a letters page make sure to open this book and…

Read It!

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