Space Bandits, Issue Three, of Five

Writer Mark Millar

Artist Matteo Scalera

Colors Marcelo Maiolo

Letterer Clem Robins

This book is a fun time.

This is a cleverly written book filled with great illustrations and very good colorwork that keeps getting better. I’m not looking forward to it ending after only two more issues. Mark Millar seems to be a finely tuned Swiss wristwatch in terms of his ability to consistently produce new and good books, then seeing them through to the end in a satisfying way. This book is a good one and I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up adapted for TV or as a movie.

The two heroines of the story continue to work through their list of targets, with Mr. Millar keeping things moving, witty and funny. Just as in previous issues, and titles, I was continually impressed with the new and original concepts Mr. Millar seems to unleash at will. One of these creative concepts was featured in a health spa that a character went to. In the spa was a hot tub filled with some kind of genetically engineered, or alien, fish that would nibble on you, thus healing and restoring youth to the recipient.

Mr. Millar displayed his creative writing skills, as well as his propensity to get fairly risky, in the middle to end of the book when the two protagonists of the story arrive on a high class space brothel. I must say I was impressed, and shocked, by the creativity of the activities that were depicted within that large “registered sex vessel” going by the name of the “Rob and Charlie.”

Artist Matteo Scalera is another example of a very creative and original mind, his work in this book is filled with new things. His style is direct and clean looking. I especially liked the tall skyscraper that looked like a giant shard of a ruby towering over a well laid out city of interesting sci fi buildings.

Mr. Scalera’s illustration of the “Rob and Charlie” was genius and extremely funny. The entire ship looked like a shirtless man lying backwards on either a wheelchair or a gurney, his right hand holding what appears to be a kind of syringe, left arm prone and ready for injecting drugs, ha! I loved that. His panels showing what happened inside that ship were especially creative, and diabolical.

The colorwork in this issue is blowing me away. I love the choices that Marcelo Maiolo is making with the palette, this book is very bright, which I tend to favor. Maiolo, like all good colorists, is finishing and adding to already outstanding pencilwork, while also helping to set the mood of the scene in a panel.

This issue ended in a real cliffhanger and I’m ready for the next one, if you’re not reading this book then you need to get it in your life.

On your way home from your space adventures you’ll have plenty of time to open this book and…

Read It!

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