Superman, Issue Fifteen

Writer Brian Michael Bendis

Pencils Ivan Reis 

Inks Joe Prado & Oclair Albert

Pencils & Inks pg17 Brandon Peterson

Pencils & Inks pg18 Evan “Doc” Shaner

Colors Alex Sinclair

Letters Dave Sharpe

Cover Reis, Prado, Sinclair

Variant Cover Adam Hughes

Such a pretty book!

As the legion of Super Heroes are a powerful testament to large powerful teams, so is this book. You can see the near platoon-strength numbers of gifted people who worked on bringing us some outstanding Superman. Brian Michael Bendis is banging out wonderful Superman stories and those stories are coming alive through the skilled and clever use of pencils, pens, brushes and wits. I’ve been having enormous amounts of fun reading this book.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis is always a provider of good times, I don’t understand how a person can be consistently creating such awesome content, but he does. Superman is very good under his leadership and this issue is another notch in Mr. Bendis’ belt of victory. In about the middle of the book is a good demonstration of Mr. Bendis’ abilities as the world class writer that he is and something that I honestly felt a little moved by. Jor-El, Superman’s father, has been tried and sentenced for his crimes against the galaxy, I felt empathy for Jor-El as he stood upon the soon to be atomized ground of Krypton and said his last words. The way this part of the story line was handled and wrapped up, was superb.

If someone asked me to point to a book as an example of peak comic art, it would be hard to argue against using this one. There’s so much good art and glory shining out from this book that I hardly know how to start. If you’re into pencilwork, or geek out over top-flight inking, or consider the colorists coloring’s your favorite, every type of art enthusiast has stuff to stare at contentedly in this book, as I did.

All of the artists efforts look as if one hand was behind this work because of how everything fits together so tightly and beautifully. There’s a full page piece showing Jon-El, Superman’s son, with his arm held high in a strong heroic pose, proclaiming that day to be Unity Day, which is a good example of this. My favorite works of art in the book were the first 3 pages and the page showing Jor-El’s final moments of life, wow! The panel of Jor-El with a rueful smile on his face as Krypton died was particularly good, I feel.

With this story wrapping up I’m anxious to see what Mr. Bendis has in store for us in the coming months.

If you get bored after you’ve finished establishing a new galactic governing polity, grab this book and…

Read It!

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