The Magnificent Ms. Marvel, Issue Seven

Writer Saladin Ahmed

Artist Joey Vazquez

Color Artist Ian Herring

Letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Eduard Petrovich

Graphic Designer Carlos Lao

If you’re not already, join Team Kamala

Kamala Khan really can’t get a break in these past two issues. If Writer Saladin Ahmed wasn’t doing such an excellent job of writing Kamala’s troubles into her life, I’d be pretty mad at him! In the beginning of this issue Kamala is having breakfast with her mother and sick father and even though “Abu” is in pain, he continues to try and live as normal of a life while he can and is still focused on the important things, like his daughters performance in school. This, along with Kamala hanging out with her brother and little nephew are family moments that I like. 

Mr. Ahmed has demonstrated a real ability to make me care about these characters and what happens to them, I love capes/villains books, but I rarely find myself actually empathizing with the denizens that live in those pages. Saladin Ahmed not only makes me care for the characters, but he’s keeping things very interesting with the story while adding to the Jersey City centered world of Kamala.

This is Artist Joey Vazquez’ first issue and he’s made quite an impression on me. His is a style that’s strong, clean looking, with great movement and plenty of little details and actions going on in the background. 

In about the middle of the book there’s a page with 9 panels showing Kamala and her friend Zoe talking while they have lunch in the school cafeteria, over the course of 3 of those panels you see a kid in the background with a decent Afro haircut walking to his table and then having a paper airplane hitting him in his ‘fro. That definitely didn’t need to be there and probably made more work for Mr. Vazquez, but it added to my enjoyment of the book, it was hilarious, and, I feel, it’s a sign of Joey Vazquez’s work ethic.

A superb example of Mr. Vazquez’s talent and competence is on the first page when Kamala dons her new Kree costume. His take on her new look is beautiful, his take on this whole book is beautiful, frankly.

Colorist Ian Herring is doing great things as well and I feel his work on this book stands out the most when he’s coloring Kamala’s suit, she looks so bright, shiny, and heroic while wearing his colors. Mr. Herring also does a fine job of setting the mood in a panel with his palette choices.

The only way I could be loving this book anymore than I already am is if Saladin Ahmed writes Lockjaw back into the story so he and Kamala can hang out again, I loved that.

Make sure to bring this book to the diner with you so that as you stuff gyros into your face you can…

Read It!

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