Sea of Stars, Issue Three of Five

Writers Jason Aaron & Dennis Hallum

Artist Stephen Green

Colorist Rico Renzi

Letters & Design Jared K. Fletcher

Beating up Quarksharks and breathing space vine

An imaginative story with impressive and wonderfully colored art is what this book continues to be. The very first panel felt like it jumped off the page and into my face, which I was grateful for. Writers Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum have crafted something special for us here.

Throughout the whole book I was having an unusual amount of fun while reading. The way the space monkey is written is especially funny and endearing to me. I actually laughed out loud a few times due to the monkey, and had a continuous smile every time he was in a panel. I also couldn’t help but crack up a few times because of the Security Bot that Kadyn’s father has been trying to convince to leave him alone. This story is moving along and I’m content to just move with it.

The pencilwork and colorwork in the book was superior. I found myself taken aback every few panels with the many new and original things Artist Stephen Green seemed to throw onto the pages like it’s not a big deal. Something that I found most interesting and creative was Kadyn’s father using a piece of the space vine that attacked him in the last issue to produce oxygen for his space suit. Mr. Green drew him attaching the end of the vine into his airline for his helmet, then feeding it some fish to produce oxygen, brilliant!

Colorist Rico Renzi outdid himself with this issue as well, the very first panel that I mentioned above was a good example of some outstanding color choices. The prettiest bit of work done by Mr. Renzi, I thought, was the full one page illustration of Kadyn’s father crash landing on a strange moon. I’ve actually had the book open to this page while writing this article and keep getting distracted by the pretty colors.

I can’t wait to see how Kadyn’s father fares in the next issue and what sort of new trouble Kadyn gets into with the space monkey in-tow.

When you’re lounging on the back of your pet Quarkshark, help pass the time with this book and…

Read It!

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