Trees: Three Fates, Issue One, of Five

Writer Warren Ellis

Artist Jason Howard

Color Flats Dee Cunniffe

Letterer Fonografiks

The space-trees are back, yes!

I was a big fan of the original “Trees” by Warren Ellis and Jason Howard, though I do have to admit I did begin to grow a little frustrated by the slow pace of new revelations in regards to what the Trees were and how they operated. 

This book, so far, seems to have little to nothing to do with the first storyline, which is fine with me, and takes place in Russia, so far, unlike the previous run as well. If you’ve read the original Trees and liked it, I feel you’d like this book. If your one who didn’t like the original series then I feel you probably wouldn’t enjoy this run either.

I enjoyed reading this book and returning to the world of the Trees, I’m also a fan of Mr. Ellis’ tendency towards keeping a slow drip of information and action in his work and this is a book in that tradition. This isn’t a wordy book, either, and most of the story is told through the art, which I also enjoyed, and the realistic dialogue between the characters.

Artist Jason Howard didn’t let the lack of practice in the years between this and the last book keep him from doing some exquisite Treecentric work. His seems to be a near-painterly, impressionistic kind of art that really makes this story work for me. His style brings a sparse beauty to the huge Trees and the landscapes they dominate and tower over. The heavy use of inks and linework over much of the Trees, objects, and environments is also something that I find visually gratifying.

The colorwork in this book fit perfectly with the art, colorist Dee Cunniffe, I can’t remember if he worked on the original book, nailed it with making this book look like it’s predecessor. It goes with out saying, but I’m saying it anyways, that I tend to favor the colorists work, and this was no exception.

I know that I’ll be reading this whole book through to the end, and enjoying it, my only hope is that we get some answers about the Trees and their purpose after all these years.

Get this book before the Tree that looms above your local comic shop drops enormous amounts of acid on your town so you can…

Read It!

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