Batman, Issue Seventy-Six

Writer Tom King

Pencils Tony S. Daniel

Inks Daniel, Sanou Florea & Norm Rapmund

Colors Tomeu Morey

Letters Clayton Cowles

Cover Daniel & Morey

Variant Cover Gabriele Dell’Otto

An outstanding issue!

Batman is a book that I’ve been looking forward to every time I get my hands on it these past few months, Tom King is keeping things interesting, and the art is,straight up, stunning and beautiful. The de-facto conquest of Gotham by Bane notwithstanding, for who can stand the thought of such a grotesque person such as he ruling a place, this book is exemplary.  

There was much to like about the developments and scenes in the story, Gotham Girl continuing to be witty and scarily frightening being one I may enjoy too much. I hate to admit how I’m overly enjoying the brief moments of intimacy between Catwoman and Batman as well, but I do. I understand Batman is unconscious and Selina and he are technically psychopaths, and fictional. However, I couldn’t help but see myself being incredibly ill and under the care of the woman I love. I’ve been there, I feel you Bruce!

The entire art team that drew, inked and colored this issue are operating on a high level, and are all going in the same direction visually. This book is an art-onion, all one piece, comprised of many layers, but thankfully lacking in stinkyness. It’s evident to me that all the artists are in their prime, have as much love and respect for Batman as anyone else and are doing their best to live up to his legacy.

The panels that stuck out to me most as the best examples of the pencils, inks, and colors, all coming together in comic glory were the first page and the page directly after the “Year of the Villain,” advertisement. Both, coincidentally and luckily, featured Catwoman, Selina Kyle, in all of her feminine physicality, grace, and splendor. The credits page featuring Thomas Wayne/Flashpoint Batman, and Gotham Girl, with their capes blowing in the wind, in statuesque heroic poses would not be out of place in a nice frame on the wall as well. If I were able to, I’d buy the originals of any of these pieces. Special thanks to the artists for this!

I bought the cardstock variant of this issue, which had art different than that featured at the top of this page, this as well is an example of what someone can create when they give Batman the respect he deserves. This cover makes me wish I knew how to display it in a way that’s respectful of the  high art that it is.

When you’re recovering under the care of a beautiful, witty and athletic thief, make sure she steals this book so you can…

Read It!

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