Fantastic Four, Issue Thirteen

Writer Dan Slott

Artist Sean Izaakse

Color Artist Marcio Menyz

Ben Grimm for the win!

The Thing beat The Hulk, fair and square! After all the many fights between he who always feels it’s time to clobber and the Jade Giant, we now know Ben Grimm has it in him to knock-out Hulk. The full two page spread showing Ben delivering the final blow was awesome. Sean Izaakse conveys a sense of how much force Ben delivered to Hulks face brilliantly, as he did with the little details in the art itself. You can see the chunks of rock-skin coming off of Ben’s arm due to the force of this last blow.

Dan Slott continues to do a great job writing this story, and in disappointing me by torturing Ben Grimm. After defeating Hulk, Ben loses consciousness for a whole week, thus missing his time back in human form, and missing the opportunity to, as Ben himself stated, “…to start a family…” Why would Slott do that to Ben, and to us? I actually found myself getting angry and depressed on Ben Grim’s behalf. It’s very messed up to rob a man his once yearly opportunity to know Alica, and Alicia to know Ben, in the ways Man and Wife are wont to do. Poor form Mr. Slott! 

In keeping with the previous issue the art was strong, Artist Sean Izaakse knocked it out of the park throughout, especially when he had Thing knock Hulk out of the park as described above. I appreciate the skill and patience those two pages must have taken, albeit only in the way one can while not understanding the process.

The colorwork was well done as well, it did its job and brought the book to life, but unlike last issue there weren’t any particular examples that stood out above and beyond the pencils it was assisting. The best example, and the most pleasing in my eyes, of the colors, was on the very last page. The panel showing The Puppet Master looking at his now mangled hands, The Hulk delivered some much deserved comeuppance to Puppet Master, made good use of different reds and showing the pain Puppet Master must surely have been in.

This book and the last were fun and I’m looking forward to the next story arc, even if I’m a little mad at Dan Slott for being so callous towards Thing and Alicia.

When you wake up in the Baxter Building after being knocked out for a week, have the RN bring you this book so you can…

Read It!


Are you FF still in the Baxter Building? I can’t remember.

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