Fantastic Four, Issue Twelve

Writer Dan Slott

Artist Sean Izaakse

Color Artist Marcio Menyz

Leave Ben alone! Leave him alone!

Ben Grimm and his wife Alicia think they can go on a honeymoon and have a good time after all they and the FF have been through, and that Dan Slott will take it easy on them, they were wrong. The Puppet Master has control of the Hulk, and through Hulk he plans on killing Ben Grimm. 

I had a good time reading this, even though a part of me wanted nothing substantive to occur in the book. I think I was hoping for Ben to have a good and relaxing time with his lover, and enjoy his yearly transformation back to his normal self. Of course I knew that wouldn’t be happening due to the cover, but I did have some small hope for our newlyweds.

Dan Slott’s run on this book has been good and this was in keeping with his past performance. It was fun, a little silly, which when done right is always nice, with the camaraderie between everyone on the team that I also enjoy when done right. I have to admit that there is quite a bit of Fantastic Four “classic” issues that I haven’t read yet, but Dan Slott is giving me the feeling I’ve gotten from those few old issues that I have had the pleasure of reading. 

The art is this book is not only pretty to look at and very well done, it also, in my opinion, fits the tone of the story and Dan Slott’s take on the FF. Artist Sean Izaakse’s version of all of these characters, who’ve all been presented to us through pens and brushes without number, is familiar, and new. I like what Mr. Izaakse is doing with this book, very much so. The best example of Sean Izaakse’s skill in this book was of The Hulk standing on a beach challenging Ben Grimm to fight. It wasn’t the busiest scene, or the densest in terms of action or detail, but wow, that is a great piece of work.

Colorist Marcio Menyz obviously loves this book and characters as much as the rest of us, it shows. His share of the books labors not only complimented and added to Mr. Izaakse’s, as all good colorists are capable of, but stood out to me as outstanding art in and of itself. The different color palettes for the different scenes in the book were exactly what they needed to be, and in many parts of the book the colorwork was so well done it was all I could look at and I had to go back and reread several panels because of the excellent job Mr. Menyz was doing of distracting me. My favorite piece of the colorwork in this issue was the last panel on the bottom of the page where Alicia presents a human-sized wedding ring for Ben to wear while he’s back to his old self. It was some truly gorgeous use of color, in many ways.

I’m hoping that in the next issue Mr. Slott takes it easy on the FF and lets The Thing have a real honeymoon, he deserves it!

When you’re lying on a sunwashed beach with she who you love, bring this book and…

Read It!


Quickly, Hulk might stop you.

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