Doctor Strange, Issue Seventeen

Storytellers Barry Kitson & Mark Waid

Finishes Scott Koblish

Colors Brian Reber

Letterer VC’s Cory Petit

Fun with time and space

This was a spacey issue! Dr. Strange had to surgically repair the universe and space-time under the permission and watchful gazes of Eternity and The Living Tribunal, very spacey characters themselves. Mark Waid subjected the poor Doctor to having to see all the terrible things  that happened to others and himself as he reknit reality. The art depicting this happening was very good and had excellent layouts.

With Galactus now prevented from even destroying the universe in the first place by the ministrations of Stephen Strange, who was tricked into it by Mephisto, it looks like Strange is going to be absent from his lady love as we move forward. I’d be super upset if I had just saved everyone, everywhere, and don’t get to keep my  girlfriend, I fear such are the burdens of being the Sorcerer Supreme.

This is a book that has some very pretty art, with creative love shown throughout its interiors. I especially liked the pages with the panels showing past events radiating out from Doctor Strange as he manipulated magic, time and space. These were all pleasing images surely, but what jumped out at me was how dense most of the panels were, filled with many things happening in it. That must have taken some hard work and I appreciate that.

I’m looking forward to what Mark Waid has planned out for us in  the next story arc, I’ve been liking Doc Strange and I don’t see any reason for that to change soon.

Make sure you use your Third Eye exclusively when you get this book and…

Read It!

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