The Magnificent Ms. Marvel, Issue Six

Writer Saladin Ahmed

Penciler Minkyu Jung

Inkers Juan Vlasco with Minkyu Jung

Color Artist Ian Herring

Letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Eduard Petrovich

Graphic Designer Carlos Lao

Things have taken a bad turn in Kamala’s life this issue, but like the righteous heroine she is, she’s decided to stand tall in the face of it. This all while looking outstanding in her new costume, an ancient  piece of Kree nanotech. I neglected to write about my love of the new look from issue five, let me correct that now. I’m a big fan of her outfits new look and it’s abilities, the robotic scarf/tentacle things are inspired and awesome.

What’s not awesome is the recent revelation to Kamala from her father, his diagnosis of an incurable and fatal new disease was saddening, but was written and executed very well. We wish you well “Abu!” I look forward to him getting better, he’s one of my favorite characters in  the book.

The book wasn’t all doom and gloom and had a little bit of action with Kamala defeating a villain named Deathbringer, I liked the heavy use of the purples and greens during that fight.

Tony Stark made a cameo appearance in the book at the end and gave Kamala some good advice about how to deal with the situation and how he’d have done things if he’d have known his parents were going to die. This issue was kind of a bummer due to the sad nature of the things happening to Kamala, and a fine demonstration of the job Saladin Ahmed is doing.

The art in this was strong and looked as good as the last two, though I did find myself missing the fantastic landscapes and creatures from the last story arc on the planet Saffa. The story being back in Jersey City means we won’t get to see some great artists blowing our minds every page, but hopefully lets them recover from, I wouldn’t doubt, the hard work of crafting Saffa and its denizens. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping Mr. Ahmed goes crazy with the story so we get to see the artistic team really go big.

Embiggen your mind with this book and…

Read It!

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