The Magnificent Ms. Marvel, Annual One

Writer Magdalene Visaggio

Artist Jon Lam

Color Artist Msassyk

Letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Stefano Caselli & Andress Mossa

Variant Covers David Baldeon & Andres Mossa; John Tyler Christopher

Graphic Designer Carlos Lao

This was a fun and light take on one of my favorite, maybe most favorite, super-heroines, with silly and entertaining characters. I especially liked the villain turned compatriot Shebang, a ‘80’s Era attired woman capable of  force-blasting from her fists, which is a plus. The ironically named and written Captain Hero played by the Super Skrull himself was funny and provided some fun action at the end.

As far as these one-shot annuals go I’d count this one as among the more successful and I had a good time seeing Kamala save the Earth from being turned into the new Throneworld of the Skrulls. I found myself cracking up at one point when Ms. Marvel grew larger through her powers while declaring “embiggen!”. Kamala’s “Embiggening” is a long running series in-joke that regularly occurs in the book that I greatly enjoy.

I did like the art and its colorwork, I also liked the artists different takes on Bruno, and Kamala’s mother, from what I’m used to seeing. Kamala’s mother seemed younger under Jon Lam’s direction than what’s familiar, that was interesting and different as well.

There was something with the art that could at times be distracting, but did not detract from the overall experience of enjoying the book. At points the art could look almost blurry or maybe fuzzy in some of the panels. It’s definitely not from the artists, it looks like maybe some issue with the program that did the images or some setting was slightly off, perhaps. Not that it was very noticeable or  bad, just simply something that I kept not being able to notice.

Otherwise the art was enjoyable and professionally executed with good layouts and great movement. I especially liked the colorists work. My most liked piece of art in the book was the entire page of Kamala delivering a most magnificent upper-cut while declaring “Things Change!” to Captain Hero before telling him heroes don’t kill.

I always enjoy reading Ms. Marvel, and this was a book little different from that past enjoyment.

I know your tired and don’t want to drive to the book store, so instead Embiggen your arm and stretch it over there and pluck this book off the shelf and then…

Read It!

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