Tony Stark: Iron Man, Issue Fifteen

Writers Dan Slott and Jim Zub

Artists Juanan Ramirez with Francesco Manna 

Color Artist Edgar Delgado

Letterer VC’s Joe Cramagna

Cover Rod Reis

Variant Covers Mark Brooks; Jim Cheung & Laura Martin

Graphic Designer Carlos Lao

A Fun Read!

Dan Slott knows him some Tony Stark, and his knowledge of, and love for, Tony, show in the this and the last issues story and writing. Tony is charming, witty, funny, and arrogant as always, it’s awesome. I had a fun time reading this book. 

Dan Slott must keep up with political news, it shows in the beginning of the book when Tony is being questioned, on Capitol Hill, on live television. Tony’s interactions with the politician pestering him were funny, and then transitioned to something almost Phillip K. Dick-like in its questions about true autonomy and free will. This was again on display later when a group of robot protesters were holding up signs and protesting Tony. One of these robot activists even help up a placard on a stick which read:

I Dream of Electric Sheep!

Robot Activist

Ha! I loved that, what an outstanding joke at the expense of the more serious tone from earlier. I wonder if it was Dan Slott or the artists whom thought of that, it was great and one of many examples in the book of creative juices flowing and of fun being had. 

There was a good bit of action in the book, as well as something tragic and dark at the end that is going to lead into something terrible in the next story arc “The Ultron Agenda,” I’m sure.

The artwork in this issue was clean and professional looking, with lots of nice detail and shading. I liked the color palette and the colorwork as well, especially on the last page. At the top of the last page when Jarvis and The Wasp are concealed in the shadows with a creepy blue background was a fine use of color.

It was fun reading this book and I’m looking forward to the next arc and seeing where Dan Slott takes us.

The Artificial Intelligence version of yourself said you should…

Read It!

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