Sea of Stars, Issue Two, of Five

Writers Jason Aaron & Dennis Hallum

Artist Stephen Green

Colorist Rico Renzi

Letters & Design Jared K. Fletcher

Variant Cover Artist Mike Mignola

Goodness! On the very first page of this issue we find space-trucker Gil wrestling a space monkey, with other dangers flying towards him at high speed. I found myself understanding his predicament in that moment for I, too, found myself dealing with strange and delightful things coming right at my stupid face. 

A strong first issue is followed by an equally strong second, I don’t have anything about this book to nit-pick or criticize. Believe me, I almost wish I had something bad to say about  this book. The people who’ve made it have not only shown me how good they are, but how most of us, especially me, can only wish to ever do something as good as they have.

I’ve read a lot of science science fiction comics, 3 orders of magnitude more sci fi novels, and almost every sci fi movie worth watching. Most of what you read or watch is good, not bad, with maybe a couple of new ideas if you’re lucky. This book has many new ideas and fresh takes on old ones. One of the little things in the book that stuck out to me was a sort of force-field tent that projected out of a single pole, providing Gil with shelter as he made camp on a space-rock. It’s a simple and obvious seeming thing, and I’m sure other examples could be found somewhere else if I tried, but it really stuck out in my mind as a good example of effortless creativity on the part of either the writer or the artist.

Later in the story, Gil has a scary for him, and funny for me, interaction with an over zealous security-bot and a carnivorous space-vine aboard a derelict space-freighter, again these are great examples of creativity and good writing in a genre that’s seen most that there is to see.

Shortly after the above described events, that same derelict space-freighter is illustrated traveling near the speed of light, it took up most of that page and was a perfect example of what I like about this book visually. Clean looking pencilwork, bright colors and imaginative creations and creatures. A very fine demonstration of Stephen Greens creative creatures is featured on the last page as a nice send-off to tide you over till next issue.

I’d be hard pressed to say who had a better time with this issue, Kadyn, Gil’s son, who spent this installment having a great time swimming in space. Or myself as I read it. It’s hard to say.

While you’re on your way to the other side of the galaxy, make sure to get this comic at the moon’s bookstore and…

Read It!

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