Space Bandits, Issue Two, of Five

Writer Mark Millar

Artist Matteo Scalera

Colors Marcelo Maiolo

Letterer Clem Robins

I’m not sure what I like about this book more than the other, the writing or the art? It’s a toss-up, for this is a fine example of comic bookery. While I was reading it I’d find myself forgetting to turn the page and losing myself in the art and its many little details. Only to turn the page and start cracking up over a witty piece of dialogue between characters. Mark Miller and Metteo Scalera have written and drawn something outstanding.

Our two heroines from last issue are imprisoned on “The Crustacean” after last issues events and find themselves unhappy with the fact. After failing to secure her freedom through winning a no-holds barred bout, Thena Khole decides to join forces with Cody Blue. Coincidentally, this was a great example of Millars creativity, Thena’s opponent was a “three-Dimensional algorithm,” from a world that “spawns mathematical organisms,” ha! I loved that. Matteo Scalera’s art depicting the math-creature was brilliant as well, his is a talent on the level of Millar.

The two ladies have a plan to get out and get revenge on the men who’ve screwed them over, a plan which went very well, surprisingly so. I expected their breakout to be harder and the story to get side-tracked from their vengeance, but again, Millar doesn’t go that route and keeps the story moving.

This issue has a great ending that was very satisfying, I wont say what it is because you’ll be reading what happens for yourself, you will. The two pages preceding that ending were my favorite of Mr Scalera’s work. A “rainbow farm” in beautiful pinks, with lavender tinged purple, looking almost like watercolors but too solid, was idyllic and gorgeous. All the art was fantastic, but that farm was my favorite for sure.

The panel I discuss above was, also, a perfect example of the fine colorwork that Marcelo Maiolo provided for this book, I love colorists, and if Maiolo does work this good on other projects then I’ve been screwing up by not knowing him.

I don’t understand why Mark Millar isn’t somebody you hear about on t.v., or in  the wider world of media generally. He’s operating on a very high level when it comes to writing, creativity, dialogue, story, and any other metric you could think of. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if in the future he became some sort of storytelling titan of industry.

After you’ve rescued the lizard that you telepathically communicate with, but before you kill those who’ve wronged you, buy this book so you can…

Read It!

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