Strayed, Issue One

Written By Carlos Giffoni

Drawn and Colored by Juan Doe

Lettered by Matt Krotzer

Edited by Chas! Pangburn

Cover A by Juan Doe

Cover B by Dustin Nguyen 

Pinup by Morgan Beem

What a fun and interesting book! Carlos Giffoni has to be a fun and smart person to come up with the premise of a cat that can astral project itself and travel the stars while being the captive of a rapacious, expansionist, and greedy, militaristic empire. This cat, Lou, even manages to pull at my heartstrings and evoke empathy in me as I read the story due to his human, a scientist named Kiara Rodriquez, inventing and outfitting Lou with a brainwave to language translator, giving us a window into his thoughts. I felt sad for Lou the cat and an unnamed race of primitive aliens as their planet is invaded and colonized after Lou reveals its location to his captors.

These feelings and the thoughts that came with them were helped along and encouraged by the imaginative, at times almost painterly, others times slick, manga-like, art. This is an attractive book with incredible colowork. The two pages showing Lou searching for a new planet to conquer, and the very first page before it where Lou travels through the astral plane were exquisite, with dazzling colors.

There are two pages in about the middle of the book showing scenes of the experiments Lou’s captors perform to ascertain how he does the things he can, this is a fine example of the talents of Juan Doe. It felt like being a witness to experiments on an innocent baby, which made me feel sad and angry.

The story and writing were fine and I loved it, there was enough exposition to let us know whats happening, without feeling like a book review. I’m eager to read the second issue and all the others that follow, it feels like this could be a long story. I pray it is and I hope that other readers give this book a shot and then tell their friends to read it as well.

This book has joined a few others as one of my favorites right now, after only reading one issue. I do have to admit, if I’m being honest, a book with space and ships will have an easier time becoming one of my favorites than others, but I like to think it’s mostly due to the fun story and sumptuous art.

Instead of torturing a helpless cat in your efforts at galactic dominance you should get this book and…

Read It!

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