The Superior Spider-Man, Issue Nine

Writer Christos Gage

Penciler Mike Hawthorne

Inker Wade von Grawbadger

Colorist Jordie Bellaire 

Letterer  VC’S Clayton Cowles

Cover Artists Mike Hawthorne & Morry Hollowell

Doc Ock is having praises rain down upon him, and rightfully so, because of all the lives of San Franciscans saved during The War of The Realms. San Francisco’s Mayor even honors Otto by giving him a giant golden colored key to the city, which upon receipt of the key Octavius makes up a reason to leave the ceremony and departs abruptly.

Doc Ock is troubled and snappy due to the regret he feels for the lives lost in other parts of the world that he couldn’t save. This even prompted Peter Parker, who’d come to visit Otto, to say that Otto was doing his job the right way. Doc Ock even broke into tears at one point. This was all some very good writing and growth of Ocks character, who while all this was occuring still managed a sneering and overbearing attitude, it was great. 

I’m really enjoying this book and Christos Gage’s writing of it, he understands Otto and he understands what those of us who are rooting for Otto want. I have no complaints at all about the book and its direction so far, I’m simply happy to read and see what happens.

The art in this was solid, workmanlike Spider-Man imagery, clear and well done but nothing out of this world. It even has the talents of Jordie Bellaire’s colors, which is always something I love and appreciate

After a menacing cliffhanger at the end I’m excited to read the next issue. 

After you’ve dressed down somebody in a most rude and demeaning manner, grab this book and…

Read It!

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