Superman, Issue Thirteen

Writer Brian Michael Bendis

Art (pgs 1-19) Brandon Peterson

Art (pgs 20-23) Ivan Reis

Inks (pgs 20-23) Joe Prado

Colors Alex Sinclair

Letters Dave Sharpe

Cover Reis, Prado, Sinclair

Variant Cover Adam Hughes

What a beautiful book! No wonder they had so many artists working together to craft this feast for our eyes. The whole time I was reading this book I couldn’t stop thinking about how incredibly pleasing this work was to look at and the sheer amount of detail in it. The guys that brewed this must have put some hours and extra love into it, it shows.

I especially enjoyed all the panels showing Krypton as it was before it’s destruction, the architecture on display was very beautiful, as were the people and their clothing. Krypton always seems like an amalgamation of the Greco-Roman style with advanced science and soaring towers, it’s great and I never tire of it.

There was a lot of exposition in this book, which I usually don’t like, but Bendis (being Bendis) cleverly does this through the story and the mouth of Jor-El, Superman’s father. After Jor-El is through with revealing many things to his son, Superman’s moral outrage is let loose in some very cutting remarks to Jor-El. Jor-El being no stranger to the power of self-righteousness cleverly rebuffs Clark, I felt the father and son were left in a stalemate over the whole business. Good work Mr. Bendis! This is a good story and I’m loving the extra layers being revealed about the death of Krypton and Jor-El’s involvement with the group behind it.

I have to go back to the art of this book for a little bit. It’s bright, clean, and features some exceedingly detailed and intricate inkwork. Every page was awesome. The use of those electric blues and reds in certain scenes was outstanding. I’m also a giant fan of present-times Jor-El’s haircut. If I look half as fit, and have a haircut a quarter the strength of Jor-El’s when I’m his age, I’ll be a very happy grandpa, with a very happy wife. #Goals

In between trying to explain the death of the Earth to your son you should probably…

Read It!

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