Batman, Issue Seventy-Five

Writer Tom King

Artists Tony S. Daniel & Mitch Gerads

Colors Tomeu Morey & Mitch Gerads

Letters Clayton Cowles

Cover Daniel & Morey

Variant Cover Gabriele Dell’Otto

This was the beginning of the City of Bane arc, I luckily got the variant cover with the card stock paper and it’s very nice, it feels like your holding a very expensive product in your hand, Banes face on the cover is glorious as well. The one I have isn’t pictured above.

It looks like, so far, we now know the winner of last issues fight. Thomas Wayne, aka Flashpoint Batman.  Not only that, Bruce Wayne is wandering the mountains somewhere in Asia, left for dead, almost buck-naked in the snow, and is rescued by Catwoman. I can’t wait to find out all the stuff in between last issue and this issue. 

What’s not glorious is that Bane is running Gotham, he’s taken over completely and is ruling the city through his now total control of almost every villain in Gotham. It was strange seeing all these truly terrible people driving Police Cruisers wearing GCPD uniforms. It was also strange seeing Thomas Wayne working for Bane, with Gotham Girl by his side. I’m sure when this is all said and done it’ll turn out Thomas isn’t the horrible person it seems he’s turning into, but as things stand now, he’s a horrible person.

This was a good read, with some good dialogue and the story was engaging. I liked the buddy-cop movie vibe that Riddler and Joker have going on as detectives for GCPD. Gotham Girl had some funny and silly banter while she was busy beating on Solomon Grundy.  There was one, maybe annoying, panel where she one-punches Grundy. I still can’t decide if Tom King was jumping on that particular female-destroys-bad-guy-with-one-punch fad or if he was making fun of it, I’m leaning towards poking fun, read the book and you’ll see what I mean.

I need to track down the back issues and catch up on what I’ve missed, there’s a lot going on in Batman and it’s driving me crazy not knowing how we got here.  

The art in this was very good, more in line with DC’s traditional style than the last few issues have been. Whoever did the inking for this must have put in some hours, it shows, lots of great details picked out and highlighted with the inks and shading. What the artists did with their work on Gotham Girl was exceptional, she looked strong and beautiful. She was a great example of a gorgeous super heroine. I do have to admit the near Spider-Man level wisecracking did border on the tiresome, but that’s not on the artists. The last seven pages were my eyeballs favorite to look at, the style and colors were extremely pleasing. My only complaint about the art is that Jordie Bellaire wasn’t a part of it, I can only hope it’s because she was too busy being worshiped like the Goddess of Colors made flesh that she may very well be.

Stop working for Bane and…

Read It!

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