Tony Stark: Iron Man, Issue Thirteen

Writer Gail Simone

Artist Paolo Villanelli

Color Artist Edgar Delgado

Letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Alexander Lozano

Variant Cover Clayton Crain

Graphic Designer Carlos Lao

The War of The Realms event rolls on, devouring all books in its path, Tony Stark’s next in line to fill in his part of the story.  This seems to pick up right where the last one left off, though I must admit I haven’t read the previous issue. Sadurang the All-Consuming, a magical dragon that can turn into a man, is determined to steal all of Iron Mans wealth, as well as the New York Stock Exchanges, so as to sleep atop it as all good dragons should aspire.  

The book starts off with Sadurang speaking briefly to a homeless man in front of the NYSE on Wall Street, this is accompanied with the now obligatory veiled diggs at the economic system that has made us all affluent enough to read childrens books weekly, of course.  As Iron Man rushes over to face Sadurang he realizes that his armor has become infected with magic, which is no good, because Tony never met magic that he didn’t dismiss in an aloof manner befitting an inventor, industrialist, and hardcore scientist. There’s a few panels showing Tony attempting to shoot out one of his palm-cannons and instead summons a bunch of frogs. At this time Iron Man learns that Sadurang has infected his technology with magic, at a later point Tony calls it a “mystical computer virus.”

Iron Man ends up calling in Janet Van Dyne, The Wasp, to assist him by distracting the dragon while he changed into his old Mark I armor. The reason being Mark I armor has no A.I. or internet connections, thus leaving the armor free from Sadurangs taint on Tonys tech. There’s a pretty fun fight between Sadurang and Iron Man for the books ending, as well as Tony being sarcastic and funny as he tends to be.

I liked this book, it was fun, and silly at times, when done right that’s a winning combination for me. I also liked finding out that Tony and The Wasp are together, I’m not sure when that happened while I was away from books, but I’m glad it did. I hope they’re happy until Tony either breaks her heart, or disappoints her, or they’re ripped from each other in a future Event, this is comic books after all.

After being away from Iron Man for so long I have to admit I’d really missed him without realizing it until I was reading this book, Gail Simone did a great job with writing him.

The art in this book was great. All of it was solid work.

My favorite panel was when The Wasp comes flying over to Tony after he called her for help, the art, inks, colors, and the sense of movement in the illustration were fantastic. Janet looked beautiful, I always appreciate womanly beauty, the look of relief and happiness on Starks face was the look any man should have as his super-powered heroine comes to help him.

This was a solid issue and I’m going to get the back issues to catch up. 

Read it!

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