Superman, Issue Twelve

Writer Brian Michael Bendis

Writer Ivan Reis

Art Joe Prado and Oclair Albert

Inks Alex Sinclair

Colors Josh Reed

Letters Reis, Prado, Sinclair

Cover Adam Hughes

Variant cover Jessica Chen

Associate Editor Mike Cotton

Editor Brian Cunningham

Wow, what an action-packed issue.  I wish I was up on the events leading up to it and like many of the other books I’m catching up on, I need to get the back issues.

Apparently, as revealed in this issue and the previous ones, the death of Krypton was the result of a conspiracy brought about by a group called “The Circle,” and a big surprise towards the end of the issue reveals that Supermans father,  Jor-El, was a member of this group. I’m going to assume we learn Jor-El was actually trying to stop the groups evil plan and was unsuccessful, but who knows? 

The book featured every living member of the House of El all together. Jor-El, Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, and last, but certainly not least, Krypto!  You have to love a super flying-dog. You do.

Besides what I mentioned above, the other main news from this issue, story-wise, was a conversation between Superman and General Zod while they were in super-speed. Zod wanted to explain his reasons for joining up with Rogol Zaar, finding out who every person behind Kryptons death is, and that he needs Supermans help to stop Rogol Zaar. It was some good writing, which you’d expect from Brian Michael Bendis.

It was a fun read and left me wanting to know more.

The best part about this book, in my opinion, is the art. Wow! The whole thing was absolutely gorgeous!  The layouts, the pencils, the inks, the colorwork, which felt like it was popping out of the page and into my stupid eyes, were all beautiful.  This was a truly top-shelf example of what superheroes and the pages they populate can look like when artists are very talented. I found myself taking more time than usual to enjoy the beauty in my hands, even going back to pages that were especially well done so as to enjoy them once more.  I could go on, and I want to, but there’s only so many ways to do so, they all mean the same thing in the end. 

The last year or so that I’d been current on Superman I felt like I was reading it because it’s Superman and that’s something you do, like watching the news.  After reading this issue it looks like Superman won’t be a chore, but something I enjoy again. 

Read it!

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