The Magnificent Ms. Marvel, Issue Four

Writer Saladin Ahmed

Penciler Minkyu Jung

Inker Juan Vlasco

Color Artist Ian Herring

Letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Eduard Petrovich

Variant Cover Gerald Parel

Graphic Designer Carlos Lao

Assistant Editor Shannon Andrews

Editor Alanna Smith

Executive Editor Sana Amanat

Things have definitely been happening in Kamala Khans life while I’ve been away from comics. It seems her parents now know about her being Ms. Marvel.  Not only that but they’ve been dragged into one of her adventures. 

Kamala and her parents have been brought to a planet named Saffa because three mages from the planet believe Ms. Marvel is “The Destined One,” the original having saved them in the past from a group called “The Beast Legions.”  But it turns out that things on the planet are not as its King, Maliq Zeer, would have them believe. They discover that he is a tyrant who’ll torture even his own son, who is a leader in the rebellion against the king. Kamala and her parents tried to escape during the last issue but the king had their ship shot down.

This issue focuses mostly on Kamala and her parents leaving the crash site and traveling through some tunnels and across the planets surface escorted by the previously mentioned rebellious Prince.  Helping people and avoiding or dealing with dangers. The book was pretty standard, story-wise, for a superhero book. 

What makes this book stand out for me, which is amazing because there’s a new author for the series than when I was last reading, is how great the character development and dialogue still is.  

Of all the many new characters, and new people taking up the mantles of old characters that Marvel has been experimenting with for the last few years, Kamala Khan is my absolute favorite.  She is totally adorable. From her interactions with her parents, the goings-on at school, her relationship with her not-quite boyfriend Bruno and her struggles with feeling like she doesn’t fit in with those around her. She comes off as a real teenager trying to come to grips with the gift of unasked-for superpowers. Of course it helps that both of the writers who’ve written her so far have kept the dialogue witty, and her stories smaller and local to her hometown of Jersey City, mostly.

This book and the ones before were really fun to read.

Not only was it fun to read, but it was beautifully drawn and colored.  I had no complaints about the art or colorwork of this issue, it simply looked great.  This book featured purple aliens as well, I think four others I’ve read this month had purple aliens that I liked, funny how things like that happen. My favorite panel in the book was the one showing Kamalas face gazing morosely into the distance after almost holding hands with the kings rebel son.

The book ended with a cliffhanger, as is standard practice in one such as this, and I’m looking forward to the next.  If anyone has been on the fence with giving Ms. Marvel a try, I encourage you to track down the back issues or trades and read her from beginning to end. I plan on getting the individual issues I’ve missed and reading them up to this point.

Read it!

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