Guardians of The Galaxy, Issue Six

Writer Donny Cates

Artist Geoff Shaw

Colorist David Curiel

PC’s Cory Petit

Cover Artists David Marquez and Dean White

Marvels 25th Tribute Variant Cover Artist Gerald Parel

Publisher Marvel Comics

I just read the conclusion to the 6-part opening arc of the Guardians re-launch and even though I haven’t read the first 5 (I’ve recently returned to comics after an hiatus) it felt like it must have been satisfying to readers who’ve been keeping up.

It jumps right into the action from the first few pages and I see some great Cosmic characters that I love in the fray. Beta Ray Bill is there which is always good. As is Gladiator, I think, my hero name game is a little rusty right now, who is always awesome. Of course Gamora is present. 

I noticed that there’s no Rocket or Drax, and that Groot is speaking clearly, what’s going on? Clearly I need to get the back issues because things have been happening while my attention was elsewhere.

After a brief pep-talk from Star-Lord the assembled team, with help from Lockjaw, a character I really adore, teleport to Knowhere to battle the Dark Guardians who are in the process of resurrecting Thanos using the body of his brother Eros.

What follows is standard, but not bad in the least, panels of fighting. Apparently Frank Castle had been possessed, or something, because Star-Lord kills him! That surprised me! Frank ends up in Hell and was greeted by Johnny Blaze inviting him to race, it was funny, and awesome.

Soon after Gamora fights her way to where her uncle Eros,  Thanos’ brother, stands powering the resurrection of Thanos. Peter Quill (Star-Lord) pleads with Gamora to not kill Eros on the possibility of Thanos coming back. This part was my least favorite. Whenever the inevitable case against stopping a bad-guy by killing him comes up in a book its just boring. I know it’s integral to comics. First because of the morality of Superheroes, second because writers would have to keep making new bad-guys, third the industry would lose valuable I.P. It’s just tired, worn out, and been done every way it can be by now. Thankfully the book gets that over with in only a few panels.

Gamora thrusts her sword through Eros in a very well done piece of art. After he lays on the floor and comes back to consciousness and realizes he was the intended host the whole time saying:

“…it was me, wasn’t it? Well..

That’s…That’s so…frustratingly…obvious…”

Guardians of The Galaxy Six

Ha! A little gallows humor and poking fun at comic story-twists at the same time. I loved that!

Thanos does end up coming back to life regardless of Gamora’ choice but is ultimately put down when Beta Ray Bill deflects a black-hole projectile from Helas’ weapon. That part was pretty great, Bill mutters,”I say thee nay,” as he launches Stormbringer to deflect the fired round.

Unfortunately it seems that the deflected black-hole destroys Knowhere as well,which I hope isn’t true,or is quickly fixed, or something, because I love Knowhere.

The book ends with the Guardians at a bar where Peter asks everyone to stay on as guardians. Everyone blows him off except for Moondragon and Phyla-Vell, Groot, Gamora and Bill. It was pretty funny. 

For my first time back with the Guardians this was fun, I want to read what happened before which is a good sign. 

I really, really liked the art and colorwork. Seriously, it was beautiful and the colors went with it perfectly and were just as great in their own right.  I loved the use of those electric blues and purples. I’m unhappy that, as stated in the letters column, that Geoff Shaw is leaving the book after this issue. I get sick of Marvel bringing top talent onto a book to get people to jump on, only to then yank them out and bring in someone they can pay less. 

Read it!

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