Harley Quinn, Issue Sixty-Six

Harley Quinn has had quite the tumultuous life of late, with plenty of good, and bad, to point to. The loss of her mother, attainment of abilities and power on an unparalleled scale, and a fancy tea party featuring two universal entities masquerading as little old ladies. This was a good read despite the sadness it brings into Harley’s, and mine, heart.… Read More Harley Quinn, Issue Sixty-Six

Tony Stark: Iron Man, Issue Seventeen

Writers Dan Slott and Christos Gage Artist Francesco Manna Color Artist Edgar Delgado Letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna Cover Alexander Lozano Variant Cover Rahzzah Graphic Designer Carlos Lao Marvel Comics Reading this current story arc has been a fun time, watching Tony Stark tangle with Ultron Pym, trying to stop him from fusing everyone on the… Read More Tony Stark: Iron Man, Issue Seventeen

Triage, Issue Two

Script, Art, Colors & Cover Phillip Sevy Letters Frank Cvetkovic Variant Cover Jorge Corona Dark Horse Comics Beautiful women, interdimensional travel and sci fi themes, beautiful artwork with beautiful colorwork. This book targets all of my genre inclinations while at the same time actually being a good piece of work. One doesn’t usually get to… Read More Triage, Issue Two