Superman, Issue Sixteen

I had an incredibly good time with this book, the reunion of Damian, son of Batman, and Jon, son of Superman, was fun, filled with action, many jokes that made me laugh out loud, and imbued with the spirit of two brothers reuniting happily. I especially enjoyed Damian bringing some justice to “A Cluster of Goons.” Ha!… Read More Superman, Issue Sixteen

Fantastic Four, Issue Fifteen

This was an eventful issue, leaving poor Ben Grimm in very dire straits, and Johny-Johny Storm in a position that many men, all better than I, would wrestle with themselves greatly to find the strength to flee. The time reading this book was well spent, though I do find myself starting to wonder if Dan Slott has some kind of grievance with Ben Grimm, Mr. Slott has tended to be a bit rough with The Thing, lately.… Read More Fantastic Four, Issue Fifteen

Tony Stark: Iron Man, Issue Seventeen

Writers Dan Slott and Christos Gage Artist Francesco Manna Color Artist Edgar Delgado Letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna Cover Alexander Lozano Variant Cover Rahzzah Graphic Designer Carlos Lao Marvel Comics Reading this current story arc has been a fun time, watching Tony Stark tangle with Ultron Pym, trying to stop him from fusing everyone on the… Read More Tony Stark: Iron Man, Issue Seventeen